Next generation traffic data

The new standard for measuring traffic data – unique sensor technology and detailed insights.


Intelligent sensor system

Unique vehicle detection, artificial intelligence and privacy-by-design

The sensor system

The sensors strips detect all vehicles with their unique magnetic signature. No cameras, license plate registration or additional sensors in vehicles are required.

No personal information – only detailed traffic insights.


Standard features such as vehicle counting, speed and length are given. The unique aspect adopted for the mobility demands of the future lies within the sensor processing units.

They utilize edge computing and machine learning to provide decision-makers with novel insights.


Welcome to a digital road network where traffic data can continuously be upgraded with additional functionality. Do not let important insights remain only large data sets.

Plan more precisely, optimize operations and measure the effect of critical socio-economic decisions – directly from road to decision-maker.

Artificial intelligence

Precise data using machine learning


Data can be transmitted using 4G



Big data

Large datasets provide better insights


Solutions adapted across various areas and applications.


Road networks must become less congested, safer and environmentally friendly. Gain insight into the present situation, plan more efficiently and optimize operations with the new traffic standard for traffic measurements.


Safety is always critical, but rarely more so than in tunnels. Upgrade every tunnel, regardless of size, to current EU-directives in a cost-effective manner.


Raise the bar for a greener and smarter city ambitions by measuring environmental goals related to e.g. bicycles and electric cars. Gain insights that take care of citizens without compromising mobility.


Effective measurements

Nye Veier will be a fully digitally innovative force in the industry, driven by data to ensure societal and traffic value. The sensor system was therefore installed prior to the opening of the new E18 Tvedestrand – Arendal.

Tunnel safety

In the Arnanipa-tunnel, the sensors combined with machine learning is used to divide the tunnel into safety zones. This in order to get an overview of both vehicle location and type of the vehicles in the case of an accident.

Bicycle counter

Several cities have ambitious goals to increase the share of ´green´ mobility. Ås municipality has therefore, as the first in Norway installed the sensor as a dedicated bicycle counter to improve the documentation of the incentives promoting bicycle usage.